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Bending like a Willow ~

and yet as firmly rooted as an oak. 

We are all having to learn and adapt during this time due to the novel coronavirus. We, at Calla Lily Crepes, wanted you to know what we are doing to manage our facility in response to COVID-19. 

In addition to the already existent health and safety rules, we have and continue to:

Use increased sanitization of all surfaces and high touch areas, using 200ppm bleach solution.

Increased proper hand washing. We do not utilize gloves except for certain tasks or for other specific reasons. We do not use gloves for normal food prep because washed hands and the ability to wash hands frequently is considered to be much more sanitary than wearing gloves.

Installed an ultra violet light air sanitizer on our HVAC system which is on at all times we are open. the combination of this and our hood system which is constantly filling our restaurant space with fresh air from outside utilizing our evaporative cooler fan. 

Online ordering has made it simple for those not able to dine out.


DoorDash is also now available for ordering our food. 

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